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Circus and theater from Canada on stage in Le Cerre de Kruglyasko

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Circus and theater from Canada on stage in Le Cerre de Kruglyasko

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Barcode brings to the stage a show that combines sweat and ink, various art shows. Pavlo Strata, art director and chairman of the Circo Vertigo Foundation, presented Lu Cerrin’s show and program for Cafe Blue’s microphones at RBI.

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April at 21.00 on stage Le Serre Theater in Kruglyasko (TO) The show is by sweat and ink Barcode Circus Company. The meeting is part of a theatrical season hosted by Cita de Kruglyasco. Circo VertigoDeveloped in collaboration with the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation.

What are the ingredients of Barcode Company’s spectacular recipe? The aerial circle, the cigar box, the Russian band, the Mano a Mano, the on-stage acrobatics, the dance and the drama all combine: these are the characters and their emotions that enliven that feeling on stage. More and more necessary miracle in the life of everyone and everyone. The Tickets You can buy them at Vivadiket or at the ticket office at the Circo Vertigo Foundation’s Le Cherre Cultural Park.

Paulo StrataThe chairman and artistic director of the Circo Vertigo Foundation, Ditro Le Cerre presented the season and sweat and ink behind the scenes of the show, to Café Bleu’s microphones at RBE.

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