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Cinema returns the fun of the movie: the gift of Christmas

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Cremona – «This year, on Boxing Day alone, we snagged nearly 300 ticketsLast year, on the same day, there were about sixty visitors.” Fragment with data on hand John Shintomanager along with Luca BeltramiFrom Philo Cinema. Christmas has saved the cinema, or rather, the exhibitors hope that the excellent performance of theaters in recent weeks will be a sign of recovery, especially in provincial towns, which have not yet been seen.

One of the halls of the SpazioCinema, which is full of spectators

«Right now, attendance in the room is, as far as we’re concerned, consistent with pre-pandemic, Christmas 2018. – I continue -. We surprised ourselves, but it was an unexpected pleasure to see the queue outside of Filo. Let’s hope this is a sign of effective recovery. It’s probably too early to talk about a rebirth, but insiders sure hope so. Head Exhibitor at Anec, Mario Loriniannounced yesterday: “From December 24 to January 1, there was an increase of more than 30% compared to last year.”

The titles in the room perform a lot, starting with the film “The Eight Mountains”, winner of the Cannes Festival, with famous actors such as Luca Marinelli And the Alexander villagesto “Avatar” or from “The Big Day” by Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo «The Fabelmans», by Steven Spielberg. The title Like the Eight Mountains and Its Trap helped a diverse audience, interested in mountains, rather than drawn in by interpreters or a cinematic transfer of the novel by pee cognetti – explains Shintu -. Certainly, the fact that I no longer had restrictions helped. The hope is that as audiences return to theaters at Christmas, a rebirth can be imagined. The important thing is that the new restrictions do not take over.

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Giovanni Cento (Filo Cinema)

For the time being, even the costs separation seems, if not to give a break, then at least to take on less dramatic tones than those only imagined in October.. “The mild winter allows us to save on heating, the rise in energy prices, for the time being, does not make it impossible to open the cinema. If we support the production and the audience, perhaps we can really imagine a return to normal life, ”concludes the director of CineFilo. «Until the fifteenth From December it was completely quiet, then in the last two weeks the cinemas in Cremona Po are full – says Lionello Siri of SpazioCinema – For heaven’s sake it goes well and goes well, but in reality we are not even Half of the collections we made at Christmas 2019. Compared to last year, we are doing much better, and we hope that all this will continue, even after the holidays ».

Lionello Siri (Spazio Cinema)

Returning to the cinema was difficult and has not yet happened, especially in small towns“Films in programming are attractive and of good quality,” Siri continues. The film series has been rebooted and that is important, but now there is a need to return to the cultural transmission and the opportunity to socialize that the fruits of the movies provide in cinemas. This is why we try to communicate and cooperate with cultural institutions and associations, because the vitality of cinemas is an issue that concerns the entire community. However, the cost issue remains. We await the 106 million tax break promised by the government to cinema exhibitors to cover energy costs, without the threat of a large-scale shutdown being too real. The positive trend of the Christmas holidays is to encourage not to give up, but the habit of attending cinemas must be rebuilt with individual communities ».

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