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Ciak, we shot at Marca: the discourse becomes with Neri Marcorè who is a rugby priest

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It happened in Mogliano, where the filming of “My paper girls” began. Also in the cast are Andrea Benacci and Maja Sansa

Mogliano. In recent days, filming of “My Paper Girls” by Luca Lucini has begun in Don Bosco Square in Mogliano. The production team chose the Busan Historic Parish Cinema and the area attached to the Chapel, to reproduce in a realistic way Treviso in the 1970s and in particular the San Liberal area.

Written in comedy film form by 2004 Mauro Spinelli and Leo Benvenuti Award winner Mauro Spinelli follows the story of a family who chooses to leave the countryside to live in the city, and thus narrates the social evolution of city living. time.

For the outdoor shooting, which began and will continue for two weeks from Tuesday to Thursday, as well as the “long” weekend from Friday 10 to Tuesday 14 December, some streets must be closed to traffic, such as the first section of Via De Gasperi and car park in the pastoral centre. Some vintage cars rented for the occasion are parked here.

There was no shortage of spectators, who, walking into the center, were able to watch the making of some of the film’s scenes from behind the stadium net. The cast includes a Padoan actor Andrea BenacciAnd Maja Sansa (adult characters, parents of the protagonist), Giuseppe Zino NS Neri Marcourier.

In front of the camera yesterday was Marcouri himself, in the role of a rugby-loving parish priest who would somehow become a mentor and mentor to the young hero. For Marcouri, who plays a living priest who also coaches a small rugby team, this is a return to Treviso’s place after simultaneous translation of “Leone” in 2015 as Gualtiero Sechin, a controversial second-generation businessman.

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The vicinity of the Mogliano Cathedral and the Fish Market Cathedral as of Monday is occupied by mobile dressing rooms and technical support carts for Pepito Productions, a company that has signed, among others, some successful films such as Hammamet by Gianni Amelio with Pierfrancesco Favino and Favolacce by Fratelli D’Innocenzo ( Silver Bear in Berlin in 2020 as best scenario). Some of the inevitable inconvenience of roads these days is the preparation of the suggestions of the seventh art.

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