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Hockey Cuomo: The biancoblù 2022/23 squad that appeared on Saturday 24th in the league was revealed

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Hockey Como: The official presentation of IHL Larian

Hockey Cuomo: The biancoblù 2022/23 squad that appeared on Saturday 24th in the league was revealed

The Como hockey team has taken off its veil and is preparing for its debut on Saturday 24th September at the 2022/23 IHL Championship. In fact, the official presentation of the Larian team took place in the bar “Quaranta4” in Como, which will continue to be led by coach Massimo da Ren: President Massimo Taschi welcomed the season and explained it in the presence of exceptional guests such as Como Mayor Alessandro Rabinese, Regional Agent Antonio Rossi, Kone delegate Niki D’Angelo, And the presidents of the Casate Ice Clubs, the media and many fans who did not want to miss the event. As mentioned, the Como hockey team will make its league debut on Saturday evening in Dobbiaco.

This is the program for the first round of IHL 2022/23

Saturday 24 September
18.30 Alleg Hockey – Caldaro
19.30 Iban Pirates – Burjen Sapiens
20.00 Falcons Bressanone-Hockey Varese Mastini
20.00 Icebears Dobbiaco – Como
20.30 Valpellice Bulldogs-Valdifiemme

Market news: Dylan Giglio will continue to wear Biancoblo

The good news also comes from the market front. 22-year-old Dylan Giglio, after a stellar experience at Merano at the AlpHL, decided to wear the biancoblù shirt again. Young Larian, after the experience he gained in the Swiss youth teams of Lugano, Umbro and Lausanne, last season in the Italian Hockey League with Como shirt played 22 games, scored 14 points (5 goals and 9 assists) and is now ready to live another year as a champion in the biancobl shirt in Coach Da Rin Stadium.

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Dylan Giglion stays at Como hockey

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