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Chinese authorities seized 7.6 tons, all fake –

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Shanghai Pudong Airport customs seized well 7.6 tons from pokemon card False, intended for the European market. The shipment started from a company in Qingdao Province (Qingdao Import and Export Co., Ltd.) and its final destination was the Netherlands.

According to Pokeguardian, to make him suspicious customs agents The cards were not branded declared, in the travel documents. The Pokémon brand is copyrighted in China and protected by local laws, so exporting fake cards is against the law.

It’s hard to distinguish fake cards from real cards / Shanghai Daily Pictures

When customers opened the chests, they found packed Pokemon cards in them. in total i fake packages There were over 400,000, which is a really massive amount.

Some of the cards, which were shown to the Chinese press, were written in Spanish, so it is doubtful that the fake parcels will travel all over Europe once they reach the Netherlands, of course they are sold as original.

It is difficult for the average user to distinguish between fake and real packages, unless they look closely at print quality and details. The advice, as always, is to buy cards from reputable sellers, who give meticulous guarantees on their products.

Of course it is good and right that Chinese authorities They blocked the upload, but one wonders, as did the source, if they actually caught them all (the fake papers edited).

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