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‘China’s 15-year yoke’, a costly mistake – Libero Quotidiano

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Another setback against Joe Biden. The United States has retreated from the electric car, one of the ideas the US president developed for his first term. Write it down and acknowledge it The New York Times: “We are not ready to innovate, the crisis is more serious than expected.” Although the employment numbers seem to be increasing, the problem is the loss of purchasing power of the individual which is the most dangerous thing that can happen to an employee. According to the official American newspaper, the danger is that the entire American auto industry plans to produce its own cars in the next few years, relying on a series of Purchases that come exclusively from China.

Center Democrats after rejecting the plan from 3500 billion dollars They hinted that such an extreme turn would not appeal to the entire party. And after the skepticism of the moderates, the progressives of the Democratic Party also expressed their doubts about the green tipping point that President Biden is hoping for. The accusation is to surrender to China, the owner of this market.

Just days ago, Biden presented a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to build and renovate roads, bridges, railroads, public transportation, power grids and internet connections. Expected more than 65 billion dollars, To improve the national electricity transmission network. Thousands of kilometers of new power lines will be built, which will enable the expansion of renewable energy generation and increase the security of supplies, protecting them from breakdowns and blackouts. But the idea of ​​electric cars doesn’t appeal to Biden’s party or the influential New York Times.

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