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Chile’s elections from critic of the moderate left to peacemaker: Gabriel Borek, the president who has slowed the right’s return to power

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Pictures of the day after the election victory of Gabriel Borek They are from the reception in Currencyover lunch with the president pineapple who remains in office until March 11. Borek presented himself with “campaign managerItzkia Siches And with the political coordinator George JacksonPractically his peers (Siches of 1986 as Boric, Jackson of 1987). ” the Chile was cradle neoliberalism“It will also be where he ends up,” Borek said in the first part of his campaign. Who knows if it’s a school Chicago Boys It will be closed by those Santiago Boys.

The whole world watched the Chilean poll winner with interest and curiosity. But despite his young age, Gabriel Borek has already been a politician for years. Born in the far south of the country, he is not part of the political and/or capitalist families of the Santiago region. Father has been a fighter for years (simple) Christian Democrat. She has proven herself as student leader In the years when the movement for the right to education in Chile was the strongest in the world. In 2012 he was a successor Camila Vallejo As president of the Chilean Students’ Union. Two years later, like Camilla, she made the leap into institutional politics. Elects an independent deputy, to the power of one critical left To the left of the center of the government. He was then re-elected in 2018, having helped form the coalition wide front.

After a few weeks of filethe outbreakThe beginning of the greats October 2019 social protestBorek surprised most observers by taking a step to open the debate in Parliament towards the center-left and center-right of President Pinheira, while most members of the Amplio Front, Communist Party And the arena movers don’t want to know. over there horse movement, according to some, or Borek’s betrayal, according to others, led to the signing of an agreementAgreement “For Peace and a New Constitution” that started the path”founding agreement“If it wasn’t for Borek, neither the center-right nor the center-left might have been able to legitimize the agreement.

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However, until the first months of 2021, Borek was not such a popular figure as it turned out. In the primaries of the agreement I agree to dignity Between the Amplio and the PC, Vice Punta Arenas He began at a disadvantage against his rival, the communist mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Gaddo. for him sympathetic dialectic, the more secular approach to his rhetoric, capable of pointing to all the diversity of the population, led Borek to an unexpected 60% lead in the primaries.

From that moment on he became the likely candidate of all the various so-called opposition, but only after the relative victory of Treasury In the first round it became. His opponents distributed various allegations from fragilityAnd incompetenceAnd the shift, Even for hooked e stalking That came back like a boomerang. What led him as a child to maneuver by communists to Moneda is now seen as a path to inclusion, growth and patience. If in the motives of the large and unclear electoral mobilization, the refusal of one’s return to power weighs above all else. The new alternative to the rightNow it’s honeymoon with Borek, the young man who was considered by those who voted for him to be the one who could accompany Chile to change.

Quick borek. When he understood, with the results of the first round, that safety It was such a basic topic that he threw himself into listening to some of them Victims of drug trafficking Then he did not stop talking about her. Above all, when he realized that in the next Senate not even an alliance with the center-left could guarantee a majority of the left, he began to speak of The government that wants to listen to everyone. He promised to indicate within a month the executive branch, which in any case would not take over until March 11.

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