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“I wanted to stop in Sardinia”

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The match he lost to SPAL was not just a farewell to the national teamOlbia To the Italian League, but also the last match of Daniele DeSena: The midfielder has decided to hang up his boots, as the Gallura club wants to honor the former Cagliari player with a commemorative plaque.

DeSena commented on his decision in the press room as follows: “It is difficult to speak at a time like this, after relegation. It hurts. I stop playing because my time has come despite the relegation. I feel that I gave everything, and achieved a goal that may not mean anything to people, given the relegation, but my goal was to stop in Sardinia after ten.” Years in Cagliari and two years here in Olbia I feel like one of you. It’s a decision that doesn’t mean abandoning the ship or killing yourself, it’s just that I think I’ve given too much, I’m speaking in the singular because this is probably the first time I’ve been selfish in my career. But I’m living this moment like this. I understand the fans’ anger, but they will always remain in my heart. I don’t want to be upset, I don’t want anything. They always gave me a lot until the end. Then many things can be explained from the outside, but I care a lot about the shirt There are moments during the year when I didn’t sleep, but these things are part of the world of football. I’m very disappointed with the way the season went, but I think my time has come. I want to thank all my teammates, my wife, my son Tommaso, and the baby “Not yet born, which is perhaps the only regret that will not see me play. I thank all my family members. I believe that I have always been a man, without personal interests, without right or wrong decisions, but always with a clear and clear conscience towards myself.”

there resolution
“I was already thinking about it during the season, it was something that exhausted me. And maybe it’s also thanks to the results, because six months ago I signed a renewal for another two years. But at 37 years old, you feel like you’ve given everything and you want to step down.” “Maybe the feeling of not being able to offer anything more, but even if we were saved, I think I would not have made a different choice besides the possibility of rethinking. I don’t like these things and from today I have to start a new life.”

The future in football?
“I see myself more as a coach, I have already done the UEFA B course but now let’s see little by little what needs to be done. We have to start from scratch, with the same passion. Life always gives you something. It is clear that we now need to get past this year of disappointment.” “I hope to see Olbia return to the professional ranks immediately because everyone deserves it, you deserve it.”

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