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CFO leaves, planned layoffs between stores and Game Informer –

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Looks like another tremor is expected to arrive inside Jim StopAccording to Reuters, withAbandonment of Chief Financial Officer Mike Ricuperowho has left his leadership role in the company in the past few hours, something that should also expect an internal restructuring with layoffs Expected.

Also based on what Stephen Totilo of Axios also mentioned, who cites an “internal memo” of the company, which was distributed to some employees, it appears that various layoffs were planned between Shops and Game Informer editorial staff: The extent of these movements is not yet clear but it does appear to be very small.

Meanwhile, the Procedures From the company, it is down 8% in the current hours, although GameStop has not yet officially commented on the events described by the concerned sources. recovery will come replacing Written by Diana Gage, Chief Accounting Officer, as always reported by Axios.

Based on what was reported in the internal email, it appears that GameStop still wants to emphasize the company’s recent growth, contextual cuts and a willingness to invest in point-of-sale and staffing guides in the field. It also seems that the launch of the blockchain dedicated group is one of the innovations to focus on in the near future.

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