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50 million weapons from Ottawa to Kiev Putin’s list on Canada

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50 million weapons from Ottawa to Kiev Putin's list on Canada

Justin Trudeau’s name tops Russia’s blacklist Medal of Honor from the Prime Minister of Canada.

As a founding member of NATO, the North American nation, led by Prime Minister Trudeau, is at the forefront of Ukraine’s security. The Kremlin has banned the prime minister and almost all Canadian lawmakers from Moscow in response to the economic and financial sanctions imposed by Kiev and Ottawa.

Trudeau was one of the leading orators of Volodymyr Zhelensky. “During the years I met you, I thought of you as the champion of democracy,” Trudeau said during a video conference with the Ukrainian president last week. Respect each other. During a corporate visit to Toronto in 2019, Zhelensky acknowledged that Trudeau was one of those who inspired him to enter politics.

Trudeau’s condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s armed invasion is complete. But Trudeau agrees with other NATO nations, beginning with the announcement that Kiev would prefer stronger action and not to fly, and if the move is accepted, it could lead to escalating conflict.

Canada was the first Western country to recognize Ukraine’s independence after the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, bilateral relations between the two countries have intensified. Today, Ottawa, along with its partner, sends weapons, defense equipment, surveillance drones and road equipment worth $ 50 million, or about மில்லியன் 45 million.

In the financial sector, Canadian sanctions have affected more than 900 politicians, military officials and influential Russian and Belarusian business leaders. The list is constantly being updated to include Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Canada was added to the list of hostile countries by the Kremlin. In addition, representatives of key Canadian organizations, including Trudeau, Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, Defense Minister Anita Anand, and Ukrainian Canadian Congress leader Wayne Ire, have been barred from entering Russia. Alexandra Chyczij and more than 80% of Canadian MPs.

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“Putin made serious mistakes,” Trudeau said. And he said with confidence: “Kiev can win”.

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