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Cars You Should Never Buy: The Most Common Stolen Cars

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The moment of buying a car is one of the most beautiful and stressful moments in life, where joy and fear mingle in an amazing mixture of feelings, especially when you have to choose the next (or first!) car you buy.

Although budget is an essential aspect to consider when planning a car purchase, one must also consider how high the risk of theft is for one model rather than another. Here is a list of cars you can’t buy.

Cars do not buy –

car selection

A car can be purchased for many reasons, it may be a simple change of car, the purchase of a second car, the first car for a novice driver or a larger car capable of meeting the needs of the family.

In all cases, the most desirable aspects are the safety, reliability and longevity of the vehicle, all installed in an increasingly reduced budget due to the increase in life in recent months. Among the searches made by buyers, one key fact is always missing, which is which models are most at risk of theft or vandalism.

In Italy, thefts are on the rise all the time, especially in some areas, where cars are stolen to sell or to take apart so that spare parts can be obtained.

When you buy an ordinary “cheap” car, you often don’t think about how easily thieves can steal it, so much so that it is rare to find low-cost cars that are insured against theft or equipped with special devices and alarms.

Cars you never buy
Most stolen cars – pixabay

Cars you never buy

In Italy in 2021 there were more than 100,000 car thefts, a trend that is increasing strongly if compared to the events of previous years.

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Thefts are more frequent in the central south, especially in poorer areas. Campania comes first with 27,500 thefts, followed by Lazio (18,215) and Puglia (14,498), followed by Lombardy (11636) and just behind Sicily.

The second ranking, which consists of the most stolen cars all over Italy in 2021, you can find the 10 most common cars on the streets, which therefore have high potential and make thieves exposed to very little risk. Moreover, these cars are very difficult to identify by the competent authorities, for these reasons it would be a good idea not to buy any of the listed cars:

  • Fiat Panda: 8,816 cars stolen
  • Fiat 500: 6,743 cars stolen
  • Fiat Punto: 5,292 cars stolen
  • Lancia Ypsilon: 2,979 cars were stolen
  • Smart Fortwo: 1,389 cars were stolen
  • Volkswagen Golf: 1,381 cars stolen
  • Renault Clio: 1284 cars stolen
  • Ford Fiesta: 1,059 cars stolen
  • Opel Corsa: 824 cars stolen
  • Fiat Uno: 559 cars stolen

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