Home Economy Fuel prices, the “dream” of Italians are running out: from Monday everything changes

Fuel prices, the “dream” of Italians are running out: from Monday everything changes

Fuel prices, the “dream” of Italians are running out: from Monday everything changes

The Italians need to get back on the ground after a few very positive days in terms of fuel prices nationwide. Increases are expected from next week.

No way. The dreams and hopes of Italian citizens, in particular motorists, will soon break. In fact, after a really positive period from a point of view the pricesEverything seems destined to go up again.

gasoline increases
Fuel surcharges – Mondofuoristrada.it

We’re talking about fuel prices nationwide. In recent weeks in Italy there have been cuts that have been very well received by consumers. Gasoline and diesel hit below average peaks Graduation year, sigh.

even increase excise In early december well absorbed by the market value of fuelsharply down. A quiet phase, however, is coming to an end. From next week there will already be increases in distributors, from northern to southern Italy.

Starting next week, fuel will go up again: costs

as announced Gazzetta dello Sport For about a week, international prices for refined products have begun to rise again with increasing force. The week that takes us there birthday So it is likely to be characterized by Increased fuel prices at the pump.

All of them are also waiting for news from international marketWhich may lead to sudden changes in the value of oil. In short, a volatile situation. Italians are now used to neither rejoicing nor despairing very early on. Hope it is Government Limit potential price escalation.

traffic movement
Road traffic – Mondofuoristrada.it

here then Average prices charged, which the managers reported to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development. The survey was conducted at 8 am on December 15 on nearly 15,000 plants:

Petrol 1.667 euros / liter (-7k compared to Wednesday, comp 1.667, white pumps 1.667);
Diesel 1.733 euros / liter (-7, comp 1,734, white pumps 1,731).

As for the service:

Petrol 1.813 euros / liter (-7, Co. 1853, White Pumps 1732);
Diesel 1.778 euros / liter (-8, 1,921 companies, 1,793 white pumps);
LPG 0.770 EUR/L (-1, comp 0.780, white pumps 0.758);
Methane 2.458 € / kg (+11, comp 2,420, white pumps 2,488).


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