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Judgment in South Korea – Transgender soldier wins trial and loses his life

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The transgender soldier wins the trial – she loses her life

It says the release of Peon Hee-soo in January 2020 is illegal. The military should have treated her as a woman, not a distorted man. Your followers are happy. On Friday, the Ministry of Defense in Seoul said it would begin examining whether the rules for transgender people in the military should be changed. The belated verdict could be a turning point – from the perspective of human rights activists, South Korea needs it too.

Discrimination is everywhere

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But success is a little distracting from the fact that South Korea is not only a competitive business and entertainment destination, but also a conservative society. The right to freedom is a community that does not grow as fast as the high speed internet or the expansion of next generation smartphones.

The LGBTQ + community in the country can tell you about this. Over the past few decades it has in no way failed to recognize sexual minorities, have created an vibrant club life, organized demonstrations and established its own clubs and festivals. Nevertheless, classic gender patterns still apply to the majority in South Korea. Coming out is dangerous. Until mid-September, human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch criticized the South Korean government in a comprehensive report on “ubiquitous” discrimination.

The case of Peon Hee-soo is an example of this. Her story tells the truth that you cannot choose who you are.

Genital mutilation leads to disability under martial law.

In 2019, she underwent sexual reconstruction surgery in Thailand. South Korean officials accepted the move. Peon Hee-soo officially became a woman. Your personal documents have been rewritten. Nevertheless, the military responded to the dismissal in January 2020. Reason: Genital mutilation leads to disability under martial law. Peon Hee-soo is no longer suitable for the military.

Peon Hee-soo gave a press conference a few days after his release. She was wearing a uniform and a beret. She stood upright as if she deserved a soldier. With tears she told of her change. “It was a very difficult decision to make my identity known to my site, but when I did, I felt very good,” she said. “She made it clear that she could not give up her service to the motherland. I want to show everyone what it can be. “

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The army rejected their objection. She complained. LGTBQ + companies supported them. But the psychological pressure must have been strong. “People knew her face, so she couldn’t get a job. It’s bad for her,” Tsinghua Lee Jong-jiol, general director of the Seoul Gay Club, told the newspaper shortly after his death. 22 years old.

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