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Car and motorcycle incentives 2022, news in Emilia-Romagna – Economy

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Bologna, May 14, 2022 – from Monday May 16 Very far from expected Incentives for non-polluting cars and motorcycles With discounts of up to 5 thousand euros. All ready also in Emilia Romagna Given that in the event that the platform becomes operational from May 25 (the decree published in the Official Gazette will come into effect immediately), the sales contracts will already be valid from May 16 in our region. So for those who will buy Hybrid cars and non-polluting motorcycles in Emilia Romagna, as in the rest of Italy, will be able to take advantage of the coveted discount as early as Monday 16 May.


Signed last month DCPM by Prime Minister Mario Draghi who opened financing for the automotive sector. almost 2 billion euros Until 2024. That’s 650 million euros in 2022, the same number in 2023 and again in 2024.

Hybrid, electric and conventional cars: this is how much the discount is

To buy electric cars you will get A contribution of 3,000 euros For cars costing up to 35,000 euros plus VAT that can be deducted 2 thousand additional euros Thanks to car scrapping less than Euro5. As for the purchase of a Hybrid vehicle You can get a file A contribution of 2000 euros On the car price of 45 thousand euros (VAT more and more). The same applies to scrapping: in fact, an additional contribution of 2,000 euros will be obtained in the event of scrapping. As for buying a car with Low Emission Conventional Engine And in some light hybrids and full hybrids at a price of up to 35 thousand euros plus VAT, a contribution of only two thousand euros can be requested with scrapping.

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Green bikes and scooters

It is expected instead 5% off seller And a contribution of 40% of the purchase price and up to 2,500 euros with scrap for the purchase of new scooters and thermal motorcycles (Classes L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e).

Discounts in Emilia-Romagna for the purchase of low-pollution vehicles

As in all other regions of Italy, our region has also presented a series of Concessions to stimulate purchase Clearly electric and hybrid cars with bonuses that will be activated nationwide. discount stamps: Electric vehicles are exempt from paying motor vehicle taxes for 5 years from the date of first registration. At the end of this period, a tax equal to a quarter of the expected amount for gasoline vehicles corresponding to electric vehicles must be paid.

easy seal Also for mixed-use vehicles approved to trade exclusively on LPG or methane up to 1/4 of the envisaged vehicle tax for the corresponding petrol vehicles, as long as they comply with the EEC directive on polluting emissions.

Bonus for buying a hybrid car in Emilia-Romagna

new cars with Hybrid power source Purchased in 2021 take advantage of A contribution of a maximum of 191 euroso Every citizen residing in his territory buys a hybrid car from the first registration. Only natural persons resident in the Emilia-Romagna region at the time of registration, and who purchase an eco-vehicle, among the models currently available, for the first registration of the M1 class for exclusive private use with the power source, are eligible for this contribution: petrol, electric, diesel, electric, petrol and hydrogen.

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The deadline for payment of stamp duty in Emilia-Romagna has been postponed

deadline for Pay Emilia Romagna car tax It expires between April 1 and June 30, 2022 has moved to July 31, 2022. This was announced by the Regional Budget Adviser, Paolo Calvano. The Commissioner explained that this measure was adopted to provide tangible assistance to families experiencing difficultiesPandemic emergency and energy crisis.

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