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Canon Ray, do you have a relative with the 104? Ask for an exemption

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Rai Fee – Technology Passion

Over the years, we have seen a real boom in Smart TVs, that is, televisions equipped with an internet connection, that allow you to take advantage of the major streaming platforms we know today, including for example Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV +, Paramount Channel Plus and so on and so on.

As many of you already know, for any TV or device capable of receiving the signal, Rai license fees are required to be paid on an annual basis. These charges are usually included in your monthly energy bills, thus adding up to your electricity and methane consumption items.

This provision was introduced by the Renzi government, in 2015, by introducing the Stabilization Law, in such a way as to avoid as much as possible the flight of Italian citizens from these fixed annual expenses.

Fortunately, not everything is final, as there are some exceptions, if certain requirements are met. In fact, it is possible to get an exemption from paying Rai’s annual fee if you hold Section 104, provided the specified conditions are met.

First of all, it is necessary, in the event that you are a 104 holder, that you necessarily have your place of residence within the RSA, or in a rest home, if you prefer. Indeed, if until 1973 the exemption from payment of fees was also granted to all those who were disabled civilians, at present this exemption from payment is restricted to holders of Code 104.

Exemptions in detail

Therefore, if you are already eligible for this particular form of exemption, the procedure to follow is very simple and affordable: in fact, it will be necessary to apply for exemption directly to the Revenue Agency, by self-declaration, based on Presidential Decree No. 455/ 2000.

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In addition, it is also necessary to specify, in the event that one wishes to take advantage of the exemption, that the person does not actually own a television set, or perhaps one capable in any way of receiving a television signal.

Ray 2 is unquestionable
Rai – Technological passion

However, that’s not all: the exemption from paying the annual Rai license fee is in fact also provided for those over 75 years of age, provided, however, that they have an annual income of more than 8,000 euros, with no housing expected own income in this case. Finally, to these are also added foreign soldiers and diplomats, to whom exemption is granted.

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