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Candles in the car, because everyone does that I’m not a romantic, will be very useful to you

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In an era as technological and advanced as the one we live in, ancient remedies often remain one of the few real solutions that are more profitable when things go wrong.

In today’s car, we’re used to dealing (positively) with an impressive new series of sensors, hardware And Tools aim to improve offers.

We have items and buttons for everything: come on osUri Parking to GPS cameras, motorized mirrors, i controllers from far, and much more.

not to mention computer to edge, And a full set of devices home automation And high technology that makes us more in the car comfortable This never.

However, all of this technology, However, all this huge spending on high-tech equipment conditional of a major component electricity. If this is missing.

Darkness in the car: solved this way

If there is no power, if the battery is bad, if the lights go out and we can do nothing but stay in the dark without a screen, without sensors, Without headlights lightWhat else can we do?

Headlights – motorzoom

As they said in decades past, solve it with the famous “grandmother’s remedies”. And in the past they did not have lanterns automatic smartphone lights and hardware to light.

In the past, yes they used the candles. Even today, even in our homes, when there are power outages, often we certainly don’t run to get a cell phone light the darkness. No: the candle.

Good , candles Even if someone in general – and as a rule – they can also be conceived for other emotional reasons, in fact there They help lot in car. like?

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Candles: the remedy that never betrays

It’s very simple. If you happen to stay in the darkAnd For a sudden dimming and if all lighting fixtures in our vehicle are KO type, just candles They will support us.

Candles – motorzoom

So much so that more and more people are taking precautions with some candles By car, just by Precautionary. After looking.

Far from romantic uses, in fact, if a lighting problem occurs, we can solve it like this: let’s take vessel Maybe who coffee, Let’s sit in one candle And We close the hat.

At least the light will survive Three or four hoursThus, instead of being in the dark, we will have the minimum amount of light that comforted us before ask for help.

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