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Canadians urge Pope to return to the country

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Thursday 31 March 2022 – 17:16

Canadians urge Pope to return to the country

And access to archives, historical bills to be repealed, compensation

Vatican City, March 31 (askanews) – As he speaks to an audience set aside for them, their first request, which awaits a response from tomorrow, travels to Canada: these days Canadian Native Pope Benedict “Cultural Genocide” immediately in Catholic residential schools Will propose.

Each of the three groups that the Pope has quietly listened to these days, the Inuit, the Medes – Monday – and the First Nations – today – has its own agenda and specific demands.

The requests will be formalized during the last visit tomorrow, and the Pope will bring them all together and deliver a predictable “Me Gulba” speech on behalf of the Catholic Church.

According to filters these days, at the time of the “discovery of the United States”, the territory was divided irresponsibly between Spain and Portugal, and the formal abolition of the papal bulls allotted to Spain and Portugal was abolished. Count the tribal people.

Other demands made by the pope and the Canadian bishops at the conference include access to the Church’s archives, as representatives of the first nations present today at a press conference, “to help reconcile families who do not know what’s still happening.” Again, forms of “support for mental health” and “compensation”.

The recurring demand among informal citizens around the Apostolic Palace these days is that after welcoming them to Rome, the 85-year-old pope will go to Canada and agree to apologize. The church, in the same place where tribal children were torn from their families, was forbidden to maintain their cultural and linguistic identity. For Native Canadians, this summer is a chance to get started.

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