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Canadian Revolution: National team “should be ashamed” one step away from qualifying for World Cup in Qatar

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First and only time Canada Attended a The worldIn Mexico in 1986, it had its own stars Igor Wraplick And Dino Bed. The first striker, who attempted an adventure in Europe, languished in the slums of the Belgian league. சேரிங், Fighting to hit a goal rock. Came from the second BarryImmigrant with family a Vancouver And a well-known goalkeeper NASL (American Championship of the time) because he depicts a silk doll Parrot. The toy quickly became an object symbol TradeUntil at least some opposing fans start The goal (With firecrackers or … throwing firecrackers) Soft toy and lettuce, with NASL banned from bringing the goalkeeper back to the field.

Stories of Another Era and Another Canada, National Currently there is one more step to qualify for a second time The world. Useful stories in photography Change In a country without a true football tradition, today there is no folk presence in top football but a growing reality Basics Solid. Look at the choice to realize it: a young talent (Alphonsa Davis) That plays Bayern Monaco; Another (Jonathan David) Sample France With Lily And for a long time the special was observed by half the clubs of Europe; 38 year old senior (Adiba Hutchinson) With more than 100 appearances between the Champions League and the Europa League; More players in a series (Tajon Buchanan, Ike Ukbo) or fewer (Richie Laria, Sail Lorin) in their ascending order IndustryAll level suspended Old World. A break from the Ozzy The period Parrot And the Canadian Soccer League, the Canadian top division in 1992 North American Football League (NASL) is drowning in debt and closing its doors.

From 2019 The Canadian Premier League, The league that reintroduced purely professional competition in the country after many years of emptiness caused by the aforementioned CSL dissolution. But it was added Major League Soccer American in three major Canadian clubs, Toronto (Joined 2007) Vancouver (2011) and Montreal (2012), provided the main impetus for the evolution of football in a country caught up in a paradoxical situation. Despite the regional width, in fact, the fishing bed National In fact, there is always very little due to the scattering of talent created by a forced non-professional organization. Players Immigration to create a real business. Or, alternatively, they had to do Experiences In small leagues, I resigned myself to limited professional development. MLS is better Structures More competitive environment, which has also been translated into more international visibility. Quoted Davis Bayern Munich became the c Vancouver White hatsAt MLS, he began at the school level in Edmonton and dropped out at the end of a course he continued in Nursery. White hatsWith his first experience on the reserve team in the United Soccer League, he is second in command of American football.

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Development of realities like Toronto (former group Sebastian Giovinko And the Future Club Lorenzo Logo), Vancouver and Montreal joined hands with the industrialization of the Canadian Football Association, which was strongly desired by the former president. Victor Montagliani. Through the mix between the American business mindset – by following it Private investors Has accumulated vital resources without relying too much on public funds – and European federal corporate systems, where every position is filled Professionals Properly trained, Montagliani has modernized the environment with much less attractive potential, at first among the players, many of whom did not want to respond. Meetings For training or training camps. But even journalists and locals can certainly not be excited in front of someone National A hard football coach who is very physical and defensive, with very few ideas (and results) is remarkable. Once there Montreal Gazette “The national football team is one of the few things the Canadian sports world should be ashamed of,” he wrote.

This process Industrialization The structure led to an increase in the average quality of the team Canada The most attractive national team of all players with dual nationalities who did not decide to wear the jersey a decade ago Conax. Federation affiliation campaign launched in 2013 with Spanish coach Benito FloroCame up with elements like Portuguese for the exam Stephen EustachioNigerian Teso AchintaleEnglish Ike Ugbo, American Oops Aquinola. Choice has become a key word for Canadian recruiters. A well-described perspective change by the current Canadian technologist John Cattle breederIn an interview with who Athletes Talked about Marcelo Flores DorrellA midfielder born in 2003 recently made his debut with great opportunities Mexico. “Flores has been added to Canada’s pre-call list Gold Cup In 2021, ”Hartman said,“ and willingly accepted. It would have been an option he did not consider many years ago. Then he chose Mexico, it was okay, his talent justifies him Ambitions. But putting him already in front of us a doubt was a big decision. We want to provoke a lot of skepticism. ”

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Hertman is a very rare case Coach Able to promote both men’s and women’s football in a particular country. In 2011 he became a coach Women’s national team Football Club of Canada, which has not been around for twenty years. Hertmann turned it into a complete team International thicknessWon the bronze medal in both London 2012 Olympics Than them 2016 in Rio de JaneiroAnd laying the foundation for the latest Olympic gold medal Tokyo 2020 (Or 2021), he already won when he went to the men’s Canada bench. In 2019, Conax stopped in the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup and was surprisingly eliminated Haiti, The most successful of the tournament as they lined up the attacking duo of David-Cavalini (11 goals in two, with David finishing the match with an average of 0.66 goals per game, the second best in the entire tournament history). However, the film Canada Different, More creative, more vertical, more aggressive; After all, according to local magazines, this is a team performance that has not been seen for some time. Another two years later Progress, Coming into the semifinals, they went out against Mexico and conceded a goal in the ninth minute of extra time. However it beat Mexico in the current qualifying round CONCACAF At the World Cup; The success they had hoped for in Canada for over twenty years.

In 2021 Canada lost 2 of the 19 games they played Qualifications He is yet to play in the World Cup. With three rounds to go from March 24 to 30, 2022, Hertmann’s team is 4 points behind Mexico and the United States, but 8 points above all. PanamaIt currently ranks fourth in the group, which does not allow direct access Qatar But expects a play-off against the best national teamOceania. If it’s not a formality, we’re close to it. In August 2014, Canada was ranked 122nd FIFA rankings. It jumped to 72nd place a year ago and today it is at 40th place. The impression is that others will not Vrablic And to the lottery next World Cup.

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