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However saved from occupation | Sky TG24

However saved from occupation |  Sky TG24

Law enforcement was able to locate her and contact her Canadian colleagues. Within 30 minutes the person was arrested

She was saved despite the distance and in the wrong chat. It happened to a woman in Durham, Canada, who, after noticing a home intruder, contacted city law enforcement officials online … but thousands of miles went wrong. In fact, Durham’s guards in the UK need to respond.

Sea distance

Despite the sea distance, the woman was still rescued. In fact, the British police, after receiving a request for assistance, immediately alerted the Canadian. The victim was monitored and the thief was arrested on the charge of breaking into the house, a few meters away from the woman, within half an hour.

English Police

The head of the Police Control Room in Durham, England, explained: “This is an extraordinary incident and a very painful situation for the victim, but the team was able to calmly assist our Canadian colleagues and resolve the situation quickly and professionally. Had, and they were immediately dispatched to the scene.


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