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Canadian Multidisciplinary Center for Exercise Management announced

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A notification has been issued to manage the gymnasium of the multi-purpose center called Kanada. Applications must be submitted by August 17.

The Agency for the Right to University Studies (Adsu) of the Province of L’Aquila has issued a call for tenders for this. Two year assignment of management of gymnasium and exercise room A multifunctional center called Canadain the locality Copito, In the municipality of L’Aquila: the deadline for submitting applications is next set at 2pm August 17, as required by rule published in the Praetorian Register on the Company’s website, This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eliana Morgante.
According to an estimate, the gymnasium sports facility, aimed at promoting sports and recreational exercises aimed at students, could be opened from next September 1 and will be available to young people from the University of L’Aquila, the State Conservatory, the Academy of Fine Arts. and, alternatively, to young persons of comparable age, other than minors. Any different use must be agreed upon and approved by ADSU in advance.

The offer fee based on the auction is 19,950 euros, net of VAT and security fees, including each year of management and utility costs (energy, water, gas) and TARI: to be submitted in the upward bid. The time to use the gym is from 11.00 to 23.00 every day, including Saturdays and holidays, except for exceptions to be agreed with the company. During the Christmas and Easter holidays and during the closing periods of the rest of the structures including study rooms, computer rooms, bars, etc. Other days are holidays as per calendar. The Concessionaire is authorized to collect prevailing charges for use of the Gym: as per priority communicated to the Company, to be displayed in conspicuous places within the Arena.

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Sports Clubs / Associations with the following requirements are allowed to participate in the competition: Must be legally incorporated or created with a legal deed, must be non-profit amateur sports associations or clubs affiliated with sports promotion organizations recognized by CONI. having its own organizational and management resources appropriate to the administration of the framework under this declaration; Possession of defibrillator and/or other life-saving equipment must be available throughout Canada and the constant availability of on-duty personnel authorized to use the defibrillator and/or other life-saving equipment.

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