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Canada has appointed Mary Simon, President of the Trudeau Inuit, as Governor-General

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He was the first Justin Trudeau He suggested Mary SimonAn Inuit leader, as Governor-General of Canada. There is First time to a representative of the native community.

Former Ambassador to Denmark Simon was instrumental in the formation of the Arctic Council. “His life has always been about breaking down barriers. Today, 154 years later, our country is taking a historic step. I can not think of a better person at this moment,” Trudeau commented, announcing the appointment.

Canada’s insult: “Here are the mass graves of indigenous children”

By Enrico Francini

Simon was born in K காங்கnigsqualoujjuac, in the Nuanic region of northern Quebec and is the former head of the Inuit Tabrid Canadian. He thanked Trudeau for the “historic opportunity” and said he was “ready and honored” to be “the first Native Governor-General of Canada, the official representative of Queen Elizabeth II in North America.” His leader has been appointed to replace former astronaut Julie Pete, who resigned in January amid allegations of harassment and “aggressive behavior, insulting comments and public humiliation.”

In Canada, two Catholic churches were burned after the remains of aboriginal children were discovered

The appointment comes after more than a thousand anonymous graves of Native children were discovered in schools and former Catholic schools. Churches were also burned following the protests.

Canada, on the day another 182 anonymous graves were discovered, the Pope invited the tribal people

By Palo Rotary

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