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Canadian diplomats corrected a letter sent from the Russian embassy to the United States

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The Russian embassy has sent a formal letter to the United States to address the “urgent matter of the deplorable humanitarian situation in Ukraine.” Representatives of Canada at the United Nations have released a new version on Twitter with a series of corrections in red to expose the Kremlin’s campaign. For example, when the Russians in the letter stated that they were “concerned about the destabilization” of the war in Ukraine, the Canadians added that “we are the primary reason for this.”

The only way to reduce the humanitarian consequences for Ukrainian citizens, according to the Russians, is the “clear appeal of the United Nations Security Council to all parties interested in strict adherence to international humanitarian law.” Canada fixes the last sentence ‘The only way to do that is clear demand […] Stop hostility on the Russian side to end the war of aggression and strict adherence to international humanitarian law.

The Russian Federation “proposes an action-packed, non-political and balanced draft resolution to the Security Council, which places equal demands on all interested parties.” Canada does not share the same view, defining the plan as “utterly disgusting and absurd” and arguing that it “indirectly hides the war of aggression and violates international law”.

The Russians say they are concerned about the safety of “women and children.” But Canadians on the sidelines asked, “How do you explain the bombing of the maternity ward and the destruction of 200 schools?”

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After passing a series of sentences and being edited in red, the document ends with a Russian request to “support the draft and provide co-sponsorship.”

To this end, the recipients of the letter suggest an alternative: β€œI request that you co-sponsor this absurd resolution. […]We want to know, members of the United Nations, how much we care about the human lives we have destroyed in Ukraine for violating the intentions and principles of the Charter. For the whole company ”. And they propose to decide “So, if you accept all this and want to provide an implicit cover for Russia’s war of aggression in violation of the UN Charter and international law, please co – sponsor our resolution. We really appreciate it.”

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