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228 million players in the United States and Canada, down from 2020

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How many mobile players are there in North America and Canada? According to the NPD, they reached 228.7 million in 2021, a 4% decrease compared to 2020, but still very high, pushing many companies to invest in this market segment.

However, the decline included, This is due to the resumption of normal operations after international lockdowns Millions of people around the world have been forced to stay locked out of their homes for months during the Govt-19 epidemic, thus increasing the amount of time devoted to mobile game downloads and video games such as interest in these hobbies.

Activision recently announced that it has raised $ 1.5 billion through Call of Duty Mobile More than 500 million downloads And a 45% increase in revenue compared to the number recorded in 2020. The United States is the most important region for the $ 647 million game, followed by Japan and China.

According to rumors, Activision is hard at work Call of Duty Warson MobileWhile EA has launched APEX Legends mobile in some countries, it demonstrates how important it is to have a multinational company in this business.

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