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Canada and USA split in half, cold and snowy in the east and exceptionally warm in the west, Videos «3B Meteo

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Canada and USA split in half, cold and snowy in the east and exceptionally warm in the west, Videos «3B Meteo
Snow in the northeastern United States

A cold current (up to -9°C at 1500m) was brought from Canada First taste of winter Most of the northeastern part of the continental United States, especially around the Great Lakes region, has record values ​​in the west. Exceptional heat Out of season.

Cold and snowy between Canada and the northeastern United States. The freezing wave hitting the eastern parts of the continental United States is far from over, with snow visible in the plains of Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and upstate New York by Wednesday morning. A real storm hit Wisconsin, dumping up to 45 cm of snow on the Michigan border. Flakes appeared as far away as Chicago and Madison on Monday, marking the earliest snowfall in 32 years. Winds also stood out, whipping up waves of more than 3 meters on Lake Michigan. A core of icy air descending from northern latitudes has reached the Gulf of Mexico and Florida by this hour. Think it’s colder in these parts than parts of northwestern Canada, truly incredible!

Record heat and temperature in Northwest Canada. Although winter in the east is the protagonist in the west, the most exceptional heat values ​​are observed in October. Temperatures have risen in the Pacific Northwest since Sunday. In Seattle, a temperature of + 31 ° C was recorded, the hottest since 1987. Dry air contributed to the development of many fires. Summer heat has hit Portland, Oregon, reaching 30.5°C over the weekend. In the current month of October, the city has crossed 26°C 12 times in 19 days, doubling the previous record. Between Canada and the Northwestern United States there are several cities that recorded unusual values: in Vancouver the thermometer reached 30 ° C, in Olympia it reached 29.5 ° C, in Bellingham it reached 26.5 ° C and so on.

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