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Canada, so Wango the dog denounced his captors

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Someone still wonders about the intelligence of animals. Hear this story from Canada, where a five-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy alerted store managers that it was no longer in the company of its rightful owners. Basically, he was kidnapped.

Vango, as the dog was named, walked into a pet store in Gatineau, Quebec, with a couple of other people. Once inside the puppy never stopped barking for a moment.

A local employee named Yves Jodoin, a dog trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux, knew the couple because they were regulars but had bought cat food, thinking the little one wanted something to eat and attracted attention for a reward. . Once granted, Wango never stopped complaining. At that point, Yves, who knew dogs and their communications inside out, began to think something was wrong. The dog continued to seek his attention despite the biscuits, so the behavior must have a different meaning than a request for food. So, he decided to ask the couple a few questions about the puppy, its age, whether it was neutered, what foods it likes, without getting clear and satisfying answers.

At the same time, another local employee, Lydia Bluein, also became aware of the situation and checked local social media for any news about the missing dogs. A few hours ago he found the news that a dog similar to Valko had gone missing. At the same time, Yves also recognized him, the puppy he had trained himself. At that point, he played it all calling out, “Wango here come.” The dog immediately jumped up and approached him. The woman, seeing what she had found, tried to say that she had found a dog in the forest and wanted to keep it with her as it was not well.

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Yves convinced the couple to leave the animal and immediately notified the real owner, Josie Francoeur. When she arrived at the scene, the lady said she immediately believed Wango must have been stolen because he never left his enclosure alone. He said it was important for the couple to understand the weight of their actions even if the police had found evidence of a deliberate abduction, even without recovery. Not to mention that the dog is not microchipped: otherwise the man and woman would have no choice but to return it. Microchip means safety for dog and owners.

Fortunately Wango was able to take care of himself, he was in the right place at the right time and understood himself well. How is it usually pronounced? “He failed to speak”… Sometimes, a bark is enough.


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