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Teams involved. Italy – OA game is available

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This concludes the 2022-2023 figure skating season World Team Cup 2023, a biennial group competition held in Japan, this year in the capital city of Tokyo. Today, Monday 27 March, is the International Skating Union Six competing teams were made officialExpect including Italy.

Playing for the top rung on the podium according to the results of the sports year They will be hosts of Japan (9453 points), USA (8721), Canada (5978O), Korea (5477) Italy (5260) and France (3943). All the teams except South Korea, who made their debut, Have already participated in the review at least once.

Let’s remember the formula. Each team has one A total of six delegates, four individual specialties (two men and two women), one for pairs in art and one in dance. Points are awarded for each place in categories. The team with the most points wins the title.

Figure Skating World Cup 2023: Nine-man Italy on report card now thinking World Team Cup

Needless to say, this year will never catch on The Italian team has the opportunity to climb for the first time In his stage history. In fact, our boys will be playing for it, considering Japan and the US are out of the game Maybe with Canada, trying to establish herself in the dances and pairings and holding off the North Americans, at least in the men’s competition. But it is too early to count. Once all the calls are issued the picture will be clear.

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