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Canada: Registration compensation for discriminated aboriginal children

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1937 Children at the Aboriginal Boarding School in Compluns, British Columbia, Canada. (Archive photo released by the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation, University of Manitoba on May 29, 2021) KEYSTONE / EPA National Center for Truth and Reconciliation / Handout sda-ats

This content was released on January 05, 2022 – at 11:20 AM


Canada has announced a $ 40 billion (approximately CHF 29 billion) agreement in principle to reform its childcare system and provide compensation to indigenous families who have been discriminated against for years.

This was stated by the Minister of Indigenous Services Patti Hajdu. A government official commented that this was the biggest deal ever reached in the country.

Half of this amount will be used to compensate tribal children who have been removed from their families and placed in government care, and the other half will be used to reform the child care system.

Mass graves were discovered last summer

In 2019, a court ordered the Canadian government to pay C $ 40,000 for every child stolen from its parents after 2006 and placed in foster care outside the tribal community.

In the summer of 2021, the discovery of various mass graves with the remains of hundreds of Native children forcibly integrated into the dominant culture in residential schools (mostly Catholic) attracted attention.

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