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Canada: Over the weekend, representatives of 32 tribal elders and survivors will travel to Rome to meet with Pope Francis on a “historic journey” for healing and reconciliation of the past.

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This weekend, a group of 32 tribal elders, defenders of knowledge, survivors of boarding schools and young people travel to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. It was announced at a conference of Canadian bishops in a statement talking about a “historic journey”. The delegates were elected in collaboration with the Assembly of the First Nations (AFN), the Medes National Council (MNC) and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), and – at the Bishops’ Conference he writes – “they bring a profound life experience of the traditions and colonialism of residential schools.” Knowledge, many are directly involved in the current process of healing and reconciliation. The names of the delegates have been released by Afn and Mnc respectively. We thank Pope Francis for these delegates and for their deep commitment to their suffering and social justice for accompanying us on this journey. ” Mrs. Raymond Poison. The report of the Council of Bishops lists the dates and times of the private meetings of the individual delegations with Pope Francis and the explanations that followed. “We hope – Ms. Poison – will help the Holy Father to meaningfully address both these private meetings, the legacy of suffering and suffering faced by indigenous peoples to this day, and the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system that has contributed to the oppression of aborigines. Languages, Culture and Spirituality”. The delegation will accompany Msgr on a trip to Rome. Raymond Poison, President of the CCCB, Mrs. Richard Smith, Mrs. Donald Pollan, Mrs. Richard Gagnon and Msgr. Anthony Grotky, Bishop of Churchill-Hudson Bay. The visit will conclude with a final visit with Pope Francis on April 1 at 12 noon, during which official delegates will join a large group of tribesmen from across the country. Visitors will be given the opportunity to “respond publicly after listening carefully to the delegates during the week” to the Holy Father. The final meeting with the media will take place at 3.30 pm.

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