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Canada is one step away from the World Cup in Qatar, with many young events for the company

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The Canada He’s one step away from the World Cup, once not talking about hockey, basketball, curling or lacrosse. Four days after the North American qualifying round, Maple Leaf is now approaching a historic turn for the World Cup. The only appearance of the Kunax is earlier Mexico ’86 Now, clearly clear first in the group, with a five-point difference in fourth place, i.e. inter-regional play-offs, Canada could easily rest: they still have to face El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Panama. That means the United States (defeated 2-0 in Hamilton yesterday) and Mexico (equal to Azteca in October and a win in Edmonton in the return match) have already crossed the highest peaks and are now flat and down until the end of it. Tax.

86 World Cup

Back then, in 1986, it was easier because it was approved by Mexican law. Honduras beat Costa Rica, and in the finals Canada and France (1-0, Bobin Cole) and Hungary (2-0, former Bologna, Genoa) were silent in the World Cup. And Ancona Detari) and the USSR (2-0, Blochin and Zavarov). Folk tales and nothing else, the Canadian team – of three Italian descent, Lettier, Lenardci and de Luca – was the worst national team in Mexico ’86.

Canadian Premier League

For more than thirty years, Canadians had no other interests, and even their own football, very similar to American football, was played on a field similar to football. However, in 2017 Canadian Premier League, A professional football championship that, to date, unites eight owners scattered across the southern border. A similar experiment was attempted between 1987 and 1992 after the tumultuous 1986 coup, without much success. After all, all three Canadian teams play in the US MLS (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) and this is what Canada has to offer to football until 2017 – on the other hand, the Olympic champion after winning an incredible number of women. United States Megan Robinho In the semifinals -. The Premier was born as a small league compared to the rich American league, but it has found money, investors and keen interest. In 2020, Atletico Madrid created the new Atletico Ottawa, transforming it into its satellite club. Macron, the Italian company that supplies uniforms to all teams in the Canadian Premier League, took part in this new gold hunt. “Many children’s careers were ruinedThey are known for their lack of professional outlets. The Premier League must fill that void, “the league commissioner announced in 2017 Oliver Cage. It worked. There, soon, that too will land Lorenzo Insine. It’s true to play for Toronto below the border, but he will keep his feet in a country that has finally found a way to get the score.

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Davis et al.

So, considering the prosperity of these investments and the upcoming 2026 World Cup between Canada, USA and Mexico, here are the first real talents. Bayern Munich’s incredible winger Alfonsa Davis He is the standard bearer of the new Canadian football, as well as the Lily Striker Jonathan DavidGoalkeeper of the Red Star Milan PorgenMidfielder Stephen Eustachio Of Paços Ferreira. At the disposal of English coach John Hertmann, who came directly from the women’s national team, the individuals who make up a national team, wear solid and sober football in the British style. Canada beat the United States for the first time in 42 years at the World Qualifiers (2-2, Besiktas Lauren striker and Hattesport defender Adekukbe) without Davis, halted by complications, and heart disease following Kovit. . The party, which has been plagued by massive demonstrations by truckers and no-vocals forcing Prime Minister Trudeau to reconsider his stance on vaccine requirements and passes for workers across the border, may join in the many predictable, days to come from Beijing. The Winter Olympics and a sport unparalleled in the recent history of the country creates a state of excitement.

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