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Canada is not standing still

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It will rescue more than 20,000 Afghans. Separated Europe takes notes

Europe is surprisingly divided, despite the drama unfolding in Afghanistan these days. Pictures of thousands of people gathering at Kabul airport testify to the urgency of the organic plan to rescue as many people as possible, trying to stick to planes departing from the Taliban. It was written yesterday in these columns that we failed in Afghanistan and now we are not failing at home.

In this sense, the EU countries have not shown the right resolution and the necessary unity. In Italy, the leader of the main party supporting the government – Matteo Salvini – declares that he is. Do not want to welcome “a few dozen people”; In Austria and the Czech Republic they are urging the return of fleeing Afghans as if nothing had happened; Finally, the Union Front did not move in any particular direction, even in the need to convene an extraordinary European Council.

Given the low awareness of the ongoing failure in Afghanistan, it is better to divert our vision elsewhere, for example, to those who have decided to act there. Canada is one of the countries that has contributed to the perspective of these 20 years of protracted war effort. But in recent days Afghanistan has taken steps to bring refugees to safety. More than 20,000 people can go to Canada and get asylum, Promised by the Trudeau government. Of them, here is the exception, not just those who have worked with the Canadian military and civilian staff in recent years. But women, human rights activists and homosexuals.

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“We owe them a debt of gratitude,” said Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Corneo. “It simply came to our notice then. Providing shelter for the world’s most vulnerable people explains who we Canadians are“Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship – already, there is a special ministry. We need to take notes, not get caught unprepared.

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