September 27, 2023

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5 things to avoid on the plane for the sake of your health, the word of the stewardess

5 things to avoid on the plane for the sake of your health, the word of the stewardess

Thanks to a video on Tik Tok, Tommy Cimato, an American flight attendant, reveals 5 things to avoid when on a plane that can pose risks to your health.

Flying Habits: Here’s What To Do & Helpful Tips

Tommy Cimatu A flight attendant of a well-known American airline, and through a video posted on Tik Tok wanted to warn passengers about some very common and seemingly harmless habits, which could endanger their health.

He advised the hostess first not to sit on the desired window seat because children who often choose to travel there to enjoy the scenic view of the clouds often have a habit of touching the glass with dirty hands. So we choose the central place or corridor to avoid close contact with germs. When you go on vacation, you usually choose comfortable clothes like shorts and twos Simato There is nothing more wrong. The seats accommodate a large number of people and the staff cannot always sanitize them completely, so it is better to choose long pants.

For the same reason, we also avoid pressing the toilet’s drain button directly with your hands, and remember to use the wipes on hand so you don’t have to touch a point potentially rich in germs left by other occupants. Finally, the flight attendant advises to drink plenty during each flight, at least a pint of water especially during longer stretches and not feel shy about calling the flight attendants in case we feel bad.

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