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IBU Cup, Carrara best second in supersprint won by Kalkenberg – Fondo Italia

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Michael CarraraShe quickly swept yesterday’s women’s sprint finish and finished second in the just-concluded IBU Cup Super Sprint. Canmore (Canada). Blue, after finishing the qualification in the lead with 2 errors, has an equally solid performance in the final, 4 errors in two standard series, but once again sets the best time on skis and finishes in 17” 3. winner, Emily Kalkeberg He finished his race with 2 faults and a best shooting time of 24’04”5. The Norwegian, who started with pipe number 5, nevertheless performed well among the riders, next to Carrara: apart from the penalty laps, in fact, the blue was more than 20” faster. Complete the stage Paul PotetSecond podium finisher in this Canadian phase: French, 42” lead with 3 faults.

Off the podium was Maren Kirkeit, fourth in 52”3 with 2 faults. The Norwegian, who has the fifth-fastest time in skiing, also clocked the best time in the last round. Behind him was Julian Fruehwirth, fifth with 5 faults in 55”5. Julia Schweiger also at the Flower Festival: the Swiss, with 3 faults, is sixth in 58”9.

A solid performance by the entire Blue team. Beatrice Trapucci and Eleonora Fauner moved up the rankings after falling behind in qualifying. The last qualifying round for the final is the CS Army athlete in 11th place with 1’18”7 with 3 faults, while CS Carabinieri from Friuli, who started on bib no 27, is 13th with 5 faults in 1’24”. ‘6. While both seem solid enough on the skis, Fauner is also more adept at shooting time, with the sixth-fastest time on the Blues.

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