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Bernardeschi has no peace even in Canada, ex-Juve | Social | Social | Play and go

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With Mimmo CriscitoLorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi on the field at the same time, Toronto FC is another team than before. Three wins from four games would have made it four out of four without missing the decisive penalty Symbol Against the New England Revolution, 3-1 last night against the Portland Timbers. The signature of victory still belongs to the Italians. Insigne and both Bernardeschi But his glee in a video that quickly went viral led to criticism from his detractors again. The former Juve’s joy was judged to be overblown and comments poured in on Twitter: “The. MLS It is a mighty championship, infinite planning and full of champions and great players … Indeed Bernardecchi has been Messi, Criscito Nesta and Ensign Ronaldo “, or:” Bernardecchi the word footballer is an imperial oxymoron “and again:” How he played is still to me It’s amazing Juv

There are those who write: “Bernardeschi has lived his years at Juventus at 41 PCs and looks like he’s got it now. mercy From the President of the Republic “Again:” Bernardeschi is out of his mind, I think he feels like a star in that championship “Then:” From Mls Rhythms The third type. They are walking. Insigne and Bernardeschi scored. Bernardeschi took his shirt off in a 3-1 win. That other, Ensign, is happy to score even if he is in the quarter Champions League. At the end he also claps his hands on his chest “. Finally a voice from the chorus:” Friends, a word of advice, Bernardecchi is gone, leave it. They criticize Everything you do in Canada is like cheering wins, get a life.”

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