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Canada, Girl Scouts change name from Brownies to Embers. In the sign of inclusion

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An era change. In CanadaThe girl scout They decided to drop their historical name Brownies To replace it rays of light. The basis of their decision will be the fact of potential damage to i Black members And this Black women.

“Changing Name in Sign of Content”

Henceforth the 7 and 8 year olds They will be invited rays of light, the name was chosen with the help of some age scouts. The change was made because the first name was offensive to some members: “The name made them feel very uncomfortable and sarcastic. Minorities And there has been an increase Racist ideas. Barriers that kept women from joining”. Again: “Some people don’t want to be in this group because of the name. Others have also decided to delay joining,” the organization said. forces of Women Guides They should start using the Embers name immediately with updated materials and proper uniforms.

Jill Gelmanowitz, The CEO of Girl Guides of Canada explained the reason for the change: “It’s not just about a name or what it looks like. It is about the truth experienced by women racism And they felt unwelcome among ‘girl guides’. We asked many current and former members and even outside members who understood the reason behind this change. In the last two months, families have been signing up for Girl Guides for the first time because the name change means the organization includes their daughters.” And then throws in a message: “With the new name, we hope that even more girls visit this group. A place where they can be themselves, build your confidence and explore your talents and interests. Despite the name change, the organization will keep its promise’Act for a better world‘. It’s something I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.”

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Jill Gelmanowitz, CEO of Girl Guides of Canada

History of Brownies

The Brownies They are the organizational unit Women Guides For girls aged seven to ten years. Originally called Rosebuds, First organized by Lord Baden-Powell in 1914, to complete a range of age groups for women Scout. They were managed as a younger group by Agnes Baden-Powell, younger sister of Lord Baden-Powell. In 1918 his wife, Lady Olav Baden-Powell, took over their management. Their name comes from the story “Brownies” by Juliana Horatio Ewing, written in 1870. Fast forward, in November 2022, Guides Canada announced that by January 2023 they were considering renaming this level of Scouts. “A Prohibition Racist women and girls.” Therefore, the Girl Scouts promised in a recent interview, “We are focused on achieving this commitment and are currently evaluating all aspects of our program to align with this goal.”

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