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Canada defeats China 3-0 to temporarily overtake Italy and Turkey in standings – OA Sport

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The first match of the second day Group E for that Volleyball World Cup 2022 Saw the protagonists Canada And China, nationals from the same group as the blues. After a clear defeat by Fef de Giorgi’s boys, Today, Canada won by defeating the Chinese team 3-0.

as evidenced by the scores of individual sets (25-23, 25-21, 25-23) for the big divisions, especially in the first exchanges and central stages of the sets, the competition was even; The difference is that the management of endpoints counts and decides the entire crowd.

Precisely in these cases, the Chinese national team, perhaps at the mercy of pressure, gave free mistakes that favored Canada, not a little: in the first and third sets both teams came almost point to point, so, on 21. -20, it was then (by the Chinese) that the double advantage to the opposition was carried over to the 25th and decisive point.

Volleyball, World Cup 2022. Italy seeks squad against Lakumtzija’s Turkey

Talk for the second set, where he shined Ryan Joseph Sclater (16 final points for the Canadian) did not escape the opposing team. As a result matured, therefore, Canada Group E joins Italy and Turkey on three points, who will compete in the evening for first place; China stands at 0.

Photo: FIVB

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