March 22, 2023

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Sony tweeted about the game, unleashing fans –

Sony Posted Tot intended for non blood borne, one of FromSoftware’s masterpieces, as well as one of the most remembered PS4 exclusives. Of course, many have become unruly by making a lot of assumptions about what that might mean.

Sony removed the tweet, but someone saved it as an image:

Tweet deleted

As you can see, the tweet itself is poor on detail (quite literally). More than anything else it looks like a file a test Related to the game cover, the details of which are shown. Of course it was instantly recognized (also because it’s really obvious), which opened up many questions: Why would you take a quiz on the cover of Bloodborne? Because it was the official Sony account that did it and it wasn’t Play Station?

The artwork I took the details from
The artwork I took the details from

From these mysteries, many arose speculation. Most of the jokes are actually the usual jokes, i.e. the ones that have accompanied every mention of Bloodborne for some time now. Let’s report some of them: the arrival of an update patch for PS5, which makes the game run at 60 frames per second; upcoming announcement of a remastered or remake, possibly from Bluepoint (same as Demon’s Souls edition for PS5); access to the game on the PC; Next ad for the sequel.

Of course none of these hypotheses have been confirmed, so take it for what it is, a simple conversation from the internet. Of course, there must be something under it, unless the official Sony account decides to troll everyone…