Home entertainment Call of Duty: Vanguard. Can the Series Surprise Gamers in 2021?

Call of Duty: Vanguard. Can the Series Surprise Gamers in 2021?

Call of Duty: Vanguard. Can the Series Surprise Gamers in 2021?

On November 5, Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on all platforms. Let’s find out if the game has something new to offer in the action game genre about World War II and the even more hackneyed Call of Duty series or if it’s better to play something easier like slots with bonuses at tonybet.com/ca/promotions or browser games that don’t require spending lots of money and time.

Time is a flat circle. Nietzsche thought so, Matthew McConaughey’s character in the True Detective series said so. The Call of Duty series works on the same principle. We already know that in 2022 the players will be able to see the sequel of Modern Warfare reboot. And in 2020, fans of the series visited Vietnam in Black Ops Cold War. Vanguard is the series’ second return to the World War II setting.

What’s the Game About?

An international special unit is on a secret mission behind Nazi lines. It is April of 1945 and everyone understands that the war will soon be over, but the Nazis have a mysterious box that must be taken by submarine to safety. The heroes’ task is to intercept this box, but in the final of the first mission, they themselves are taken prisoner, where interrogation begins.

How Is Gameplay?

The campaign of the new Call of Duty is a set of missions (two for each character) that unfold on different parts of the front. The British Arthur Kingsley helps the Allies to land in Normandy, the Australian Lucas Riggs fights in Africa, and the American Wade sinks Japanese aircraft carriers on Midway. Locations change lightning fast, but it doesn’t make much sense. Regardless of the character, the environment, or the mission, you have to go ahead and just shoot.

You have to die a lot in Vanguard. Dogs kill with the first bite, enemies with bayonets kill with one blow. Often you will be shot by dozens of enemies at once.

What’s About Multiplayer?

The game has a zombie mode and regular multiplayer. There’s nothing to say about the first one – it’s just boring this year. Only three types of enemies, uninteresting maps, and a few unique weapons are available. At the end of the month, it will be released as a story update, but it is unlikely it will change anything.

But the classic multiplayer looks pleasant. The action unfolds on 16 compact maps, where there is no place for technology and we have to fight the old-fashioned way. As in Modern Warfare, the session lasts an average of five to seven minutes, and all the while the meat grinder is going on the screen. Once you feel the pace and get the hang of it, things start to go like clockwork.

If you are not a fan of speed, the developers added multiplayer filters that help to adjust the intensity of combat. So if instead of meat and chaos you want tactics, choose “Patrol” mode. This is a new team game that is somewhat reminiscent of a catch-up game. The point is simple: on the map, there is a moving round area, which must be captured and held. You have to endlessly attack and defend, moving around the circle of assignment.

What Else to Know About Vanguard

The game delivers stunning visuals on next-gen consoles and powerful PCs. The developers do not hide the fact that they were inspired by the movie “1917”. There are a lot of references: the burning village, the scene with moving shadows from flares, reckless attack of machine guns from a trench. And separately we should mention the soundtrack. For the first time in years the sound in Call of Duty is memorable, not passing in the background.

In general, the technical state of the game is high. In the single-player campaign, there are no bugs, multiplayer, which floundered during the first weekend because of the influx of users, has already been fixed, and it also works like clockwork.

After all, Call of Duty: Vanguard is a passable part, which is worth taking only because of the lightning-fast network battles and the new map for Warzone. There is a hint of a sequel in the final campaign.


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