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Calcio U17, ironic Calcio Sicilia beat FC Trapani 1905 ⋆ Sportweb Sicilia

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FC Trapani 1905-Sicily 0-2

Under 17 Regionals

A stinging and undeserved setback for the U-17 team of FC Trapani 1905 which, in the Comunale di Valderice, in the third last game of the season, was defeated by the noble but not irresistible Calcio Cecilia who cynically took advantage of the only two defensive errors by the bomb to make the most of it Limit their chances, thus winning the three points. Coach Peppe Culcasi’s boys for the quality of the game they played, especially in the first half, for the chances created one after the other, but unfortunately not realized due to bad luck or lack of the necessary grudge in front of the net (three balls cleared on the goal line), they certainly deserved a result Different, but, you know, whoever makes a mistake will pay off in the end. And, unfortunately, so were the boys in the grenade jersey who suffered from football’s cruel unwritten law: “Wrong goal conceded.” To score: In the fourth corner by Sadotti, Ilari heads higher than all but the goalkeeper on the line he elbows to the opposite post with the ball ending in the back: In the following corner developments, Ammucciato chooses to raise the hand of the rejected goalkeeper, and while flying with a big left foot he scratches the crossbar . In the 12th minute, another very good chance for the grenade to take the lead: Francesco Trapani’s low side free kick on a volley that pounces on La Commare and deflects the ball just enough to surprise the goalkeeper and the defender but when the ball is about to go over the line, the goalkeeper makes it on The white line is straight with a jump back. However, the grenadiers’ limited protests claiming the goal led to Scafidi being booked, who would miss the next game after being cautioned. In the 17th minute, Loria, well served by Ammucciato, penetrates the penalty area into the top of the small area but a teammate’s input pass is deflected step from the goal line by the number 5 in Rosanero’s shirt, Belengardo. The visitors appear for the first time in the Trapani penalty area only in the 32nd minute, on the initiative of Ballesterieri, he managed to dribble past two defenders, but the divine intervention from La Commare put the ball into a corner kick. In the 37th minute, Spinelli kicks wide from the edge with Gilberti already reaching for a dive and in the 40th minute, the grenadiers pack the most spectacular goal ball of the match: the triangulation on the Amucciato-Scafidi wing that allows the grenadier to enter the penalty area that was destined to be the winner. in defeating Sadotti. But the grenade winger, after dodging the goalkeeper’s tackle, serves Pita in a central position, from a meter from the goal line, one of the three self-sacrificing defenders shoots straight at the white line and the ball ends up with a spectacular trajectory even outside the edge of the post. A massive opportunity that grenades will eventually pay off, as we’ll see. And as if that wasn’t enough, in the ensuing flag shot, first La Commare Tower, then Ilari, provided a header for Grillo to score unhindered but the centre-back missed the bomb by placing it over the crossbar. In the 43rd minute, the visitors were dangerous for the first time with Diliberto snarling in the area finding no teammate ready to hit the net, in the circumstances that Ilari was so good at getting the ball out. Thus ended the first half that Trapani would have deserved for what was built to close in front, with at least two goals to zero. In the second half, the match did not lose its intensity and it was the visitors in the fourth minute who made themselves dangerous, with excellent guidance from Ballesterieri, with Migno who saved in front of the goal for Gilliberti to shoot him. In the 20th minute, when the match was on the verge of balance, the guests took the lead: a shot in the middle of the field was intercepted by Amochato with the ball flying into the penalty area, Grillo missed the impact of his header and Ballesteriri slipped away. Dominating Baiata, he had no trouble overpowering Giliberti. The Grenadiers did not give up and in the 23rd minute they had a chance to equalize with Ilary who nevertheless, after a free kick from Sadotti, shot over the crossbar. The guests, shrewd, systematically resorted to wasting time, accusing them of convulsions from time to time, and only when the grenades pressed the gas pedal like a cold shower did Calcio Sicilia double, again thanks to a defensive error. In the 32nd minute, Di Liberto put the ball into the area missed by Payata: Ballestieri alone beat Gilliberti relentlessly. The match basically ended there with the visitors still in this disorganized position. The final score Calcio Sicilia-Trapani 2-0 with a grenade retained third place in the Clasico thanks to an equalizer at home by Rebolla, stopped 2-2 by Adelkam. the best in the field of Ilari and Rossi for Trapani; Diliberto and Ballesteri for Calcio Sicilia. Once again, the direction of the competition for the same young Llebtan whistle who had been appointed for the second time in a row to direct a grenade match was not enough. Next Saturday valid for the 12th and penultimate day of the second round, Trapani’s under-17s will be guests of the Primavera Marsala in Strassati, a meeting to be played at 15.30 to align with the scheduled schedule of matches in which they have participated. Interested in teams competing in Play Offs and Play Outs. For the grenadier coach “I am so sorry for my boys who, based on what we saw on the field, certainly deserve so much more, in having such a tough opponent but such a pitch as proving to be within our grasp. It is a pity we did not materialize, especially in First half, some exciting chances we managed to create with good plays but unfortunately that’s how it went!Single mistakes?Captain and they are part of my upbringing,I’m still proud and satisfied with what the boys have done so far,despite a thousand struggles.Now head to next Saturday Where we will face Primavera Marsala, who plays the last chance for salvation to stay in the regional category championship.

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Results 24th day under 17 minutes

The tenth leg – the first group

Academic – Spring 5-1

Carini City – Iccarense 5-1

The third period – TV Club 1-0

Trapani – Sicily Soccer 0-2

Gonzaga – Valderice 3-0

Ribula – Adelcam 2-2

Rested: Kos Palermo

Played yesterday: Icariense – Third half 2-0 (recovery from day 23).

Ranking (Top five to play in Play Offs, last to be relegated to the regional tournament. In addition, the top four seeded teams – along with the other top 4 fifths of the groups – receive the 2023/24 regional “elite” championship)


Football Sicily 57

50- Trapani 1905

Ribula 48

Paul Gonzaga 46

Karini City 32

Adilcam 30

Third period 24

Academy 23

TV Club 15

Valderis 13

Icarnci 11

Spring 8

1 recovery game

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