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Calcio Si, Cesena will try to blow up Siena’s lair

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How to register for Siena? Alessio Di Massimo, the talented attacking winger from Ancona, is the only player in Group B who can answer that question after the first six days of the tournament. The leaders, in the first month of the new season, collected only one goal, moreover, they got it last September 5 on the first day against Marche, in the postponement that played at the Estadio del Conero and finished 1-1. Di Massimo’s goal forced Siena to chase, but then David Arras thought of reaching Ancona and “rescuing” the Bianconeri from Tuscany.

passable wall

484 minutes have passed from Ancona’s goal to today, more than five games, during which Siena lowered the shutter without conceding a goal: 1-0 in Reggiana in the first appearance of the season against Franchi, then Allen 0-4 in Imola, match 1- 0 at home against Aquila Montevarchi, a goalless “draw” in Olbia and finally the comfortable 2-0 score obtained in Pontedera last Saturday. Thus, Cesena’s next opponent is proud of several first things: he does not know the word defeat, has never conceded at home, and in fact has the goalkeeper with the longest unbeaten streak in the group, followed by other leaders Gubbio who collected the only goal. The goal of the season on the second day against Firmana.

iron sergeant

The merit of this record and this promising start, which has brought enthusiasm back to a usually tepid place, especially after a difficult year full of reversals (three) on the bench, is mainly due to the new coach chosen by Juventus: Guido Pagliuca. He arrived in the summer from Lucchese, with whom he finished last season in eighth, and earned 50 points thanks to an excellent second round in which he beat Reggiana, Entella and Pescara and shocked Modena and Cesena, the upbeat and emotional coach. Sienna quickly found the right mix after another summer revolution ordered by the company. In Paleo City, he found some veterans to re-release like Alberto Baloch, fresh from a season full of physical trouble, or like trusted guard Lani, who raised before him a two-column defense at Silvestri and Crescenzi. From Luca then, Pagliuca brought in three players who did well a year ago: midfielders Picchi and Collodel and above all attacking midfielder Nicolas Belloni, who scored against Cesena in Manuzzi’s 1-1 draw a year ago. He also scored against Cavaluccio Boglio (three years ago) and Arras (last season but injured today) respectively with the Padova and Grosseto jerseys.

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new perspective

The trip to Siena, in front of a coach who is difficult to surprise especially on a tactical level, completely fluctuated the perspective and coefficient of difficulty for Cesena, who in the first six days always faced teams that never won or were behind in the standings. The ball is in the middle (except for Rimini on day two). At Franchi, on the other hand, the Toscano men will challenge the healthiest team in the league, as well as the leaderboards along with the surprising Gubbio: four wins and one draw in the last five games, a lifetime undefeated defense and the fourth best attack in the league. It’s the best way to finally measure a fever in Cesena.

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