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Wins and draws for the Red and White youth

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Two beautiful victories for the youth sector of Follonica Gavorano. Giovannissimi 2010 beat UDAS Isola Delba 6-1 with goals from Rossetti, Mosca (hat-trick), Del Rio and Amir. Victory also for the 2008 students who beat Rosell 5-1 away from home with goals from Luisi (double), Mariotti, Brisco and Grosso.

Scoreless draw for Giovanissimi Regionali 2009 against Invictasauro. Fuccicchio’s match with the Alivi Regional of 2007 ended in defeat (2-1), with Roncalli scoring for the red and white. In the 2009-2010 season, the regional juniors were narrowly defeated in Nova Grosseto (1-0). A balanced first half saw Nova take the lead at the end.

A great weekend for the football school kids. First Kicks 2016 of Follonica Gavorrano participated in the Soccer Kids tournament, organized by the White and Red Club of Follonica. A beautiful tournament for the two participating teams, the green and blue teams, with Rosell, Maremma Academy, Virtus Maremma and Nova Grosseto. Primi Calci 2016 who also participated in the final stage of the Football School Cup organized by Tao Altopacio. Thanks to their good place in the first stage, the children were placed in a group of four teams made up of Monsommano, Sestese and Atlético Lucca. Piccoli Amici 2017 from Follonica Gavorano trained by Carmine Iacomino participated in the first stage of the tournament organized by the Livorno Academy. Three matches were played and many victories were held against Pro Livorno, Orlando Calcio and Sporting Cecina. With these results, the children qualified for the golden group. The 2017-2018 Piccoli Amici coached by Francesco Battaglia participated in the Youth League Championship: they won the first match against Plz, the second against Cascina and tied in the final against Livorno 9, thus finishing first in the group. It was a beautiful day and the young athletes had a lot of fun.

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