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Calcio InCountry 2023, the third evening at the Fossano pool was a success

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Pictured is San Biagio at the award ceremony

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 19 July, the evening of the third day of the Calcio Incontri 2023 tournament took place; Many awards and presentations for Cuneo teams.

The penultimate evening of the 2023 edition of the Calcio Incontri took place at the municipal swimming pool venue in Fosano, in Via Monsignor Soraco. To do the honors is Roberto Rinaldi of Fruttto Sport who, together with the company Centallese Bonum of Michele Tallone, contacted the winners to report.

Before handing over the paintings, Pino Schiavassa enters to greet those present and encourage businesses to do well in the area. An important announcement on his part concerning Turin. From Monday, July 24, in fact, the Spring Grenadiers team will train at the Centallo facilities.

The winning teams of the third stage of football were MoonregalGroup F winner of Category 1 F Savegliano The new winner of the first category qualifier. Continuing in the second category, Bonus Val Mira And Valferminangna To win the playoffs, to gain access to the first. As for the third category, it won a prize Sports Bandit To win the first set and Saint Blaise To win the playoffs.

We close team awards with Turin Fednew champion of Italy in the Paralympic and Trial football section, W.A CSF Carmagnola To win the promotion championship in Group C.

The only award for the evening advertisement Alberto Valeriani As the top scorer in the U-16 Champions League with Bra Girone C, for him 28 goals in the yellow and red jersey.

In addition to the honorees, there have been some teams that have introduced new players or personnel. In the appeal of Centallo Youth, San Sebastiano, Bisalta, Villafranca and Savi Women.

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Therefore, the appointment will be next Wednesday on the last evening of Calcio Incontri 2023.

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