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Calcio C, Rimini thanks her fans and condemns the episodes of violence

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“What happened off the field cannot and should not overshadow a day of true sporting passion.”


| 00:37 – January 10, 2023

Curva Ferrovia occupied by fans of Rimini (Photo by Loris Perini / Rimini Calcio)
Curva Ferrovia occupied by Rimini lovers (Photo by Loris Perini / Rimini Calcio).

Cesena and Rimini issued a memorandum to stigmatize the violent incidents off the field on Derby Day.

Rimini here Rimini Football Club has expressed its thanks to the wonderful fans in red and white who colored the Stadio Manuzzi yesterday with two thousand scarves and flags, regretting the events of the black news that took place far from the sports facility. This episode, which was fortunately consumed without serious consequences thanks to the prompt intervention of the police forces, must certainly be condemned, but it cannot and should not obscure the beauty of the fans of the two teams represented in the Dino Manuzzi stadium, giving life to the wonderful atmosphere of healthy sporting passion, even of the Girillardian rivalry. Incitement to super speed. We turn away from everything else that has no reason for being.

Here is Cecina Cesena would like to express his sincere thanks to the Juventus fans and the Rimini supporters for their behavior at the Orogel Stadium during the derby. More than 14,000 spectators present on Sunday created an extraordinary crowd and made Cesena-Rimini a record match, the most appearance in Serie C this season.
At the same time, the club expresses its deep sorrow over the unspeakable acts of deflection committed in the morning away from the field, which risked, without success, marring a beautiful sporting day. The derby is a healthy competition. The derby is the sweet joke among the crowd. The derby is also a gesture of friendship, as is the exchange of shirts between presidents Robert Luis and Alfredo Rota. On the other hand, violence has nothing to do with derby and sport and should be condemned. Without ifs and buts”.

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