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Calcio C, Rimini Emolese 3-1. Jaburo: Nice win, three super goals. But we didn’t shine

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Coach: We suffered a lot tactically and mentally: The team is not at the top, even physically


| 11:45 PM – November 29, 2022

Marco Jaboro
Marco Jaboro.

Ra-ta-ta-ta! Claudio Santini’s submachine gun explodes in Romeo Neri and Rimini celebrates the three points in the valid for the sixteenth match against Imolese. The Reds and Whites lead at the start of the match, but are joined by Zagnoni after half an hour. Santini therefore took care of closing the matches definitively with two more goals in the 37th and 83rd minutes, in the final match 3-1.
An essential victory for the red and white returning from the defeat of Reggio Emilia and from a period with a performance in chiaroscuro. “Hombre del partido”, as he mentioned, Santini whose hat-trick led him today to 9 league goals, top scorer in Group B (companion of Spagnoli from Ancona). For Rimini, on the other hand, there are 25 points in the standings: the qualifying zone remains on the “horizon”.

Coach Marco Gaburo comments with satisfaction on his boys’ success, even if he does not hide the difficulties.
“I’m very happy with the result – says the coach – I liked the well-made goals, but we suffered a lot tactically and mentally. The team is not going through an easy period, we know that, but between the good performance against Reggiana and today’s victory, I definitely prefer the three points. We are We are behind in many things, we have to fight, score as many points as possible until the end of the first half, and then regroup.”
Despite the difficult period, there are two successes in the last three races: a road map that instills some calm.
“Yes, the team needs to calm down – Gaburo analyzes again – that they regain the conviction of what they can do. The values ​​of the players are not discussed, nor the desire to do a good job, but sometimes the head plays tricks and today frankly we could have managed certain situations better.” We ran empty, we had physical problems: it means we struggled more than it was reasonable to expect. Do you still create many chances? Certainly yes, but we struggled a lot at least until we put in four, and we have to analyze the reasons carefully.”

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On the other hand, the novice Joseph Anastasi Commenting on the match (Imolesi in their fifth consecutive defeat): “I’m a bit disappointed with what we did and built in 90 minutes in which we put in an excellent performance. We played openly, at 1-1 we had two or three important chances, in my opinion there were “Handball in the area. In my opinion we had a great match. We have to be more pessimistic. Rimini? They have personalities that can make the difference.”

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