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Calcio a 5 Serie B, Drago Acireale narrowly loses to leaders Lamezia ⋆ Sport Web Sicilia

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Really tough match between Lamezia and Dragon Acireale ecosystem Where we witnessed for the first time the return of Lamitina, who is able to lead 3-1 after the initial goal of the guests. In the second half of the second half, the Sicilians managed to find the equalizer, after a few tense moments on the bench. However, Lamezia’s roar made itself felt proud at 3-3, scoring the final winning goal and sending the PalaSparti crowd into ecstasy. The match report shows Acese advancing at 3’30” with a goal from Musumeci. The reaction of the Orange Panthers to the conceded goal is violent: a quick game, penetrating plots and many scoring opportunities: first with Caffarelli taking advantage of an unsafe exit from the guest defender and missing the goal from distance with volleys. ; Later on, Ecosistem is close to the same with Ecelestini. The draw, only postponed, arrives when the minutes on the clock are 11’3” with the signature of the number 3: Antonio Caffarelli, who balances the fate of the match from distance by scoring a fantastic goal!

The first half of the match finished 1-1, with Lamezia who despite good scoring chances – over all Isilestini’s long-range shot that Pappalardo denied and Mantuano’s subsequent try – find no way to double down; Some of Rotella’s tackles were also valuable, giving safety to the entire trailing section.

In the second half, Lamezia immediately started strongly, scoring the opening goal with Gerbasi at 3’48”, very skilled at finding the right path to beat the Sicilian goalkeeper, who was unable to do anything. There were many opportunities to increase the lead for the hosts: at 9’25 ”a good initiative by Gagliardi; At 11’3″ Deodato steals the ball in midfield but his low shot is blocked by the goalkeeper; at 12’35” Caminero misses the target. To increase the score in favor of the Orange, we believe that Ecelestini who at 14’2′, directly from a free kick, didn’t let go No room for the Sicilian keeper, Potenza scored the 3-1 Lametino goal.

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At 17’13” Acireale shortens the distance, with a goal from Fichera who finds the bottom corner on Rotella’s right. When there is a space of 1’57” before the end of the match, an unfortunate own goal from Mantuano allows the Sicilians to level. The equalizer continues a bit too long: 55″ later, Caminero finds the ball from Lamiziano, with the fifth referee. Only in the center of the area who puts the ball behind Pappalardo. 8 seconds from the end, Rotella makes a definitive save with the match score in the final 4-3.

Lamezia Football Ecosystem – Dragon ACIREALE

Lamezia: Rotella, Ecelestini, Mantuano, Caminero and Gerbasi.

Zerbo, Caffarelli, Lo Scavo, Giampa, Deodato, Batamya, Gagliardi.

Coach: Sebastiano Carrosa

ACIREALE: Pappalardo, Anastasi, Musumeci, Tomarchio, Fichera.

Spalletta, Raffagnino, Oliveri, Battaglia, Baio, Finocchiaro and Foti.


Scorers: 3’30” Musumeci (A), 11’3″ Caffarelli (L). 3’48” st Gerbasi (L), 14’2”st Ecelestini (L), 17’13” st Fichera (A), 18’3″ Mantuano (Auto), 18’58” Gerbasi (L).

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