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Film dei Soldi Spicci: preview in August, here is the cinemas in Sicily where it will be shown

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It will be shown for the first time in more than 200 Italian cinemas (exactly 234) on August 22, 23 and 24, social scientist, the second film by Palermo comedy duo I Soldi Spicci, written by Anandrea Vetrano and Claudio Casisa. The feature film, produced by Attilio De Razza for Tramp Limited in association with Medusa, will be released in theaters on September 15 and distributed by Medusa. Those who want to enjoy a summer evening filled with laughter, but also a reflection on the world of social media, will be able to choose from more than 200 cinemas across Italy that will screen the film, which also marks the debut of directors Anandrea and Claudio.

Sicilian Cinemas

Below is a list of Sicilian cinemas that will screen the film.

Palermo and its province: Capitol, Arena Re, Alba, Cineplex Tiffany, Eplanet King, Eplanet La Torre, Marconi, Metropolitan, UCI Cinemas – Palermo, Aurora, Empire

Catania and the Province: Arena Eden, Margherita, The Space – Belpasso, Politeama, Eplanet – Ariston, Eplanet – Catania, Eplanet – Lo Po’, Eden, UCI Cinemas – Catania, Arena Giardino, Cinestar Catania

Trapani and its district: Arena Starplace, Starplace, Cine Teatro Marconi, Golden, Grillo, Royal

Messina and its province: Cinema Vitoria, Otorino Biondo Arena, Apollo, Iris Aria Arena, Iris

Ragusa and the Province: Summer Garden Arena, Arena, Arena Auditorium, Golden Multiplex

Agrigento and its province: Multiplex Ciak, Eplanet Le Vigne, Multiplex Badia Grande

Syracuse and its District: Arena Odeon, Iplanet Vasquez

Caltanissetta and its province: Palazzo Moncada multiplex, Eplanet Hollywood

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