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Why is the mother-daughter bond the strongest of all? Science explains it

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The bond between a mother and her daughter is difficult to explain, it is such a strong relationship that there are no words to describe it, but science has tried.

Mother and daughter (Pixabay)

“Always mom” and for girls, this expression takes on a more important meaning, because Link What unites mother and daughter is unique and incomparable.

Although it is commonly believed that sons are more closely related to mothers (the Oedipus complex) and daughters more closely to fathers (the Electra complex), this is not actually the case. It’s definitely in the stage a teenager Disagreements between mother and daughter are more frequent than disagreement between father and daughter.

And this is because, in most cases, during these years the father and daughter become complicit and support each other. But once this transition is over, the mother-daughter relationship changes, matures, and strengthens. Investigation Science.

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Science reveals why the mother-daughter bond is so special

Unbreakable bonds
Mother and Daughter Bond (Pixabay)

The mother-daughter bond gets stronger over the years, until it becomes so indissoluble, that even the bond of a mother and child can’t be matched. But how does that happen? A team of researchers from the University of California tried to give an answer, and they made one study By magnetic resonance imaging of 35 healthy families. From here it turns out that mothers and daughters actually have aanatomy A very similar brain, especially in the region that regulates emotions, such as the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, and cortical limbic system.

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This is because the mental structure of the mother comes transmitted to the daughter. This similarity is not strong if other parental relationships such as father and daughter and father and son or mother and son are analyzed. Hence the reason why girls can understand them better emotions His mother and vice versa, much more than anyone else. This is also the reason why daughters, once they have grown up and become mothers, often reflect themselves in those who gave them life, and end up assuming positions similar to those of their mothers.

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else study Show how the mother-daughter relationship is fundamental and positively or negatively affects a girl’s development. This depends on how three primary factors emerge in a relationship: trust, relational connectivity, and interdependence. Moreover, you can now say “Mom is always my mother.”

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