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BTp Italia, orders grow to 3.637 billion on the first day of placement

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The first day of release of the new edition of BTP Italia closed with a positive result. In the first phase intended for retail customers, orders totaled 132,334 with an equivalent value of €3.637 billion.

“I think that the macroeconomic emergencies in which we find ourselves make it impossible to transfer public debt into the hands of Italian savers” but “certainly an increase in the share of public debt in the hands of Italian families is not only desirable but also possible.” Federico Freni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, told SkyTg24 Economia. “We need to understand what we’re talking about and in my opinion it’s reasonable that we don’t get to 15-16% more than that,” he added. “The 9% that Italian savers have is already a big share: I think from 9 we can go up a bit. Freni said that the large share that we will gradually lose is 26% of the European Central Bank, because with the farewell to quantitative easing, we will certainly lose the share of the European Central Bank ».


On the first day of the previous release, the demand on the first day of the offering was 3.18 billion euros. The first recruitment phase includes three days of presentations (which will end on Wednesday) for junior savers, followed by a presentation for institutional operators.

Sao Paulo and UniCredit Dealers

The placement takes place on the MoT platform with Intesa SanPaolo and Unicredit acting as agents for the operation.

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Btp-Bund closed slightly higher at 182 points

The spread between BTp and the Bund closed slightly higher at 182 points, compared to 181 points the day before. The yield on the Italian 10-year bond rose to 4.56%. The rates of the ‘peripheral’ countries also increased slightly, with Spain at 3.68% (+3 basis points) and Greece at 4.46% (+2 basis points).

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