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“First goal? Make the smile come back.”

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Cave (RM) – The U19 District of Caves Academy 1919 has a new coach. He shared the streets with former coach Massimiliano Pulcini who thanked the club for the commitment made in the early part of the season, and the correct name to finish the tournament was named in Andrea Foschi, the one who knows Piazza Cavezzella well: “I was Fabrizio Verrazoli’s deputy for more than ten years with Cavese in Excellence, a group that also included Emmanuel Giacci in pink.However, as a first coach, I have never trained in the cave: I went to San Cesario where I got some important results in the youth sector, then to Lariano where I left a part of my heart and then again With the rookies from Luba Castelli. Now I’ve been standing still for five years, but in this period I’ve always kept documenting and watching. With Kavis Academy in 1919, there was some sort of outside collaboration for a few months, and when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it. Plus To President Daniel Flavey, Competitive Sector Director Armando Zamarelli and Group One coach Emanuele Giacci, I am motivated by the confidence and support also shown to me by the other youth sector coaches De Angelis and Proietti, with whom there is already full cooperation. On Monday, I ran my first training session with the county under-19 team and found a team that wanted football and didn’t deserve to be ranked, no list of a tepid or unavailable group. The first goal, in addition to leaving the last place in the standings, is to put a smile back on their faces, and you will see the results step by step.” There is still time for Foschi’s first official appearance: “On Saturday, March 26th we will play Don Bosco Genzano, so we have two weeks of work. Perhaps his arc will not be confined to the end of the season: “Next year I hope to stay here and complete this path, but we know that football results are important, and therefore we will talk about them in June with the club without problems.”

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