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Black Friday, the courier was “killed” by overwork

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black friday and Died at work – Some colleagues noted the death, who, seeing the 49-year-old with his head at the wheel of his Citroen van, thought that he was asleep, because he was exhausted from hard work; But after knocking on the window to wake him up, without receiving any response, the workers decide to break the window pane, realizing that the situation is more serious. Norton was thus dragged to the ground, where his colleagues attempted to resuscitate him by practicing heart massage using a defibrillator, but to no avail.

150 packages per day The 49-year-old was self-employed. In general, this type of worker delivers more than 150 parcels per day. Norton had been working as many hours as he could for several days, often in the sun, delivering as many packages as he could. One employee commented the sun.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for shipping company DPD confirmed Norton’s death, adding, “Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”

From: Too much work sucks Last year, the World Health Organization issued a report on deaths caused by overwork, stating that:Too much work is bad: the greater the risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack. per week increases the risk of death.

Quiet take-off is common among young people – If, on the one hand, the World Health Organization warns governments to take measures to protect the health of workers, as well as to look at working hours, then on the other hand it has become a new trend. “quiet takeoff”: a new philosophy, popular among professionals Generation Zwho prefer to earn a few euros to save their spare time.

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