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Bitter results for Alpine, best weekend for Alfa Romeo


The Canadian position confirmed the forces in the classifying field at this point in the season. The two teams, Alpine and Alfa Romeo, leave Montreal with excellent numbers, but this takes on a different meaning to the two facts. If Alpha had covered the best weekend of the season, there is regret for the effect that could have had the most pleasant taste among the transulfines.

Alpine It has been competitive since the first session on track on Friday. The speed, in the straights already shown in the bag, gave extra impetus to the performance, adding to the competitiveness expressed in the racing speed. A factor that only increases the bitterness in the mouth of the wall, which predicts a different outcome for the verified flag. The masterpiece, built by Fernando Alonso on Saturday, was thwarted by the continuing choice of a single stop (excluding the safety car). On the one hand, it must be recognized that the inequalities of the GP do not coincide with those of the Spaniards. On the other hand, however, The team is not very versatile in adapting the strategy to what is happening along the way, As well as observing the enemy’s choices. Problems were added to the MGU-H due to excessive defense against Valteri Potos and a penalty was awarded at the end of the race. The post-race bet told about Alonso, who was frustrated at missing the chance to go to the second stage because he wore translucent colors when Estepan O’Connor was able to smile after beating his teammate again.

The result was capturedAlfa Romeo. For the first time since the start of the season, All the pieces were put together on the same weekend, Both drivers took the top 10 spots. Most weekend there were encouraging signs that it came into effect on Sunday. Despite missing the second free training session due to technical issues, Potas did not lose consistency and showed himself fast in Saturday’s tough situation and racing regime. A Guanyu Zhou reveals so much consistency and is more satisfying than ever. The Chinese felt his car easily after so many unlucky occasions prevented him from realizing it.

Despite Lance Stroll’s scoring point, There is a bitter taste in the mouth among the boys of the Aston Martin household. After good conditions in Munich and Baku, Sebastian Cut He approached the weekend proving he was competitive in all the free training sessions. Fast forward to simulations on Friday and wet fp3 on Saturday. All of these already predicted a consistent outcome from eligibility A fault in the tire pressure made his weekend irreparable. In a qualifying round that pushed him from below, racing events that were an obstacle to Germany’s rise were added. On this lead it went better for his teammates, who were instead able to finish in tenth place for the third time.

The disappointment of the weekend and perhaps not only, McLaren’s name. As has already happened several times in these first three of the championships, the team spent a weekend anonymously. Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo were not allowed to express themselves in the best way they could. Although Ricciardo had one foot in the Q2 but was able to qualify for the top ten, the performance provided by the car did not give him a chance to finish in points. Aside from fighting in the race, it got worse for Lando Norris, who suffered a technical problem on Saturday.

An unforgettable weekend even for AlphaTauri. After the good conditions Pierre Gasly revealed during the free training session in the wet, he was unable to repeat himself at the calculated moment and was ruled out even in the first cuts. The Frenchman said after the race how he was not in favor despite the events of the GP. Lack of speed and grip It would not have allowed him to get a good result anyway. Yuki Sunoda reported even harder to digest after a mistake he made in Bit Exit, which shattered all hope, as well as the front of his AT03.

Haas was added to the list of those deceived, Especially after the unusual third-tier monopoly on Saturday. The meeting between Mick Schumacher and the points zone has once again been postponed by a credibility issue. It did not go well for Kevin Magnusson, who passed last under the checked flag, between contact in the first lap and a lack of speed.

After a break in Baguio, Alfa Romeo has redeemed itself at the World Championships, with Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes excluded from the points table.

Drive classification

  1. Valteri Potos Alfa Romeo138
  2. Stephen O’Connor Alpine134
  3. Lando Norris McLaren122
  4. Fernando Alonso Alpine77
  5. Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 70
  6. Daniel Ricciardo McLaren57
  7. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin56
  8. Kevin Magnussen Haas49
  9. Lance Stroll Aston Martin49
  10. Yuki Sunoda Alpadari48
  11. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo 42
  12. Alexander Alban Williams39
  13. Mick Schumacher Haas14
  14. Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin8
  15. Nicholas Latifi Williams6

Ranking of builders

  1. Alpine 211
  2. McLaren179
  3. Alfa Romeo174
  4. AlphaTauri 118
  5. Aston Martin113
  6. Haas63
  7. Williams45

Classification of Fast Laps

  1. Lando Norris McLaren3
  2. Voltaire Potas Alfa Romeo1
  3. Mick Schumacher Haas1
  4. Yuki Sunoda Albatross1
  5. Guanyu Sue Alfa Romeo1


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